Franklin my dear, I don’t give a Gothic.

At the end of our first typography course, after studying all about typefaces and terminology, I was given a typeface at random and asked to research on it – then compile all that research into a small publication of my own creation – a daunting prospect, seeing as I’d never even touched InDesign before.

The research part was easy, and a lot of fun. Typefaces – especially hundred year old ones – are really fascinating.

But the publication part – well it took a lot of exploration, trial and error to learn my way around the software. But once I did, it was all uphill from there. (InDesign is totally my favorite software now, by the way.)

Here’s a few images of the booklet I made, you can see the entire thing here. The size is 8″x 8″.



Here’s some fun stuff I came across, in the middle of all that serious research.



Need I say more?


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