Excuses, Excuses.

Why haven’t I posted in so long?

Well. I thought of a few excuses, off the top of my head.

But then I decided to go with the truth.

I was threatened, by gangsters. My work makes The Boss’s daughter terribly insecure, so I was told to stop sharing it or they’d forcefully cut off all my hair and put me in a room with only Comic Sans for company. I kid you not. Those horrible people.

I won’t bore you with the tale of how I managed to escape their tyranny and start posting again (hint: sea turtles, mate) but until then, I have so much random work I need to put up. Gonna get right to it.

And you thought it was laziness didn’t you?

See how I put 'mafia blackmail' there to make it look like I made it up?


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