Window of Opportunity.

One of my typography assignments was to create a poster for the ‘Incomplete Manifesto for Growth’ by Bruce Mau. (He’s a Canadian Graphic Designer full of good advice.)

Check out the original text here and the actual version of my poster over here.

The Manifesto’s pretty inspiring, and I ended up almost memorizing it. But if I’d read it a little more carefully it might have helped me through the harrowing journey I undertook to turn it into a really large poster to display on my faculty member’s window. Nevertheless, there it is. Displayed on the window, for everyone to see. Hooray!

altAla4r-PKKeQaZDjOgb0RTqQhlafJX2YuHhIKBVCELMPb_jpg 2

(I apologize for that inconvenient patch of light and the less-than-awesome picture quality. Excitement totally got the better of me.)


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